Sumilon Island Oslob, Cebu – The Ideal White Sand beach Island in Cebu South

Most of us wants to experience the best of the best when we travel. Some people wanted to experience beaches, water falls, island and other hidden gems. If you are into white sand beaches , well the Sumilon island is the best for you. Sumilon island is located at Bancogon, barangay Oslob, Cebu south. It is a separate island from barangay Oslob main land. It is very near from the famous site of Oslob whale shark watching, same barangay or place.

About Sumilon island

Sumilon island is a small island which has more or less 2000 sq.m lot size only. Owned by a private owner and with the partnership with the government municipality of Barangay Oslob. Sumilon island is floating island and it is a coral island in Cebu south.

How To Get to Sumilon Island

A lot of people believe that it is expensive and pricey to get there to Oslob, they don’t know that it is very cheap. Here are the tips.
After the Oslob whale shark watching, you may ask in the Oslob whale shark briefing about the Sumilon Island. A staff will bring you to the docking area and registration area. First you must pay the entrance fee of 50 pesos per head, then there will be a short briefing for DONT’S AND DOS in Sumilon island. After that the staff will low allow you to ride the boat going to the Sumilon island, the boat is shared by other travelers. The fees will varies, 2-5 person Php1,8000, 6-10 person Php2,500 only. 11-15 people Php3500 only. Travel to Sumilon island from main land Oslob docking area is about 20-30 minutes only.

In Sumilon island, you can swim, sun bathing and whatever you want to do, it’s all up to you. Once you’re ready to go back to Oslob main land. You can ride any boat there color orange. And that’s it.

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