Oslob Whale Sharks

Oslob Whale Sharks: Adventure of A Lifetime.

The Oslob whale sharks are one of the magnificent gentle giants of the sea that continues to captivate our imagination and pique our interest. Whale sharks are also known by their scientific name, Rhincodon typus. They are considered as the largest species of fish in the world and are not predatory, making them very tourist-friendly.

Whale Sharks are estimated to grow up to a whopping 40 feet or 12 meters long, however, on average they grow to 18 to 32.8 feet or 5.5 to 10 meters. They are known to weigh as much as about 20.6 tons or about the size of a school bus. 

Whale sharks are solitary creatures although they can be seen swimming with other whale sharks around a feeding ground. They prefer warmer seas and tropical waters all over the world.  

One popular area where you get a 99% chance of watching whale sharks, is found in Oslob, Cebu. Hence, it has been known to tourists as Oslob whale sharks. Many locals are familiar with the popular travel destination in a small barangay called Tan-Awan which is about ten kilometers away from the heart of the center town in Oslob. The municipality of Tan-Awan is located on the southern tip of the main island of Cebu. 

Oslob Whale Shark. The Swim of A Lifetime.

The place is like taken from a perfect adventure book where you can forget the rest of the busy and hectic world as you enjoy basking in the sun with the powdery white sandy shores on your feet. The calm waves are like a lullaby which is very relaxing and calming. Most tourists find the area very therapeutic indeed and are overwhelmed with what it can offer to your holistic senses. 

Aside from the uber-awesome beachfront, what’s underneath the blue water is even more mesmerizing. You can have the experience of a lifetime by swimming alongside the world-famous whale sharks in the crystal-clear waters. 

It is said that it all started when a number of Oslob whale sharks or locally known as “butanding”, were seen in the area as they look for food. The nature-loving residents of the area started feeding them as they found the giants to be very friendly and that’s how the “spark” like a love story started. The kindness of the locals eventually paid off as it paved the way for tourism to grow in the area, giving opportunities for the people in a sustainable way. 

The popularity of the Oslob whale sharks encounter activities here has catapulted the small sleepy town to worldwide recognition it is known today. There is so much to discover in this municipality as it is breathtakingly blessed with vast natural wonders beauty including the Sumilon Island. 

If you’re planning a visit to the area, South Shore Travel and Tours can make this a memorable experience for you and your family. We offer holistic experience packages that can make your vacations worry free and definitely hassle-free. Our tour team can handle all your itinerary needs for this epic destination experience. 

At present, many visitors from both all over the country and outside, come to Oslob to witness the magnificent creatures in their natural environment. It truly is amazing to swim with these gentle giants of the seas.  Please contact the team of Olsob whale shark tours or you may visit https://oslobwhalesharktours.com

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