The Moalboal Island Hopping

Some of us are confuse what are the best to do when in traveling especially in Cebu. Most of us has limited days or time to stay because of our personal schedules. Cebu south is the most favorite destinations to experience the adventures, do you know that apart from the Oslob whale sharks there is also a famous activities in Moalboal called Moalboal Island hopping. Travel from Oslob whale shark to Moalboal is around 1 1/2 hours to 2 hours.
There are many reasons why you combine the Moalboal island hopping with Oslob whale sharks. Here are the itinerary of the island hopping.

Pescador Island

Pescador island is part of the Moalboal Island hopping, the Moalboal has the most beautiful corals, tiny colorful fishes, magical corals shapes and of course with different marine species. In Pescador Island you’ll be able to see these creatures by swimming or free diving. You can take photos and even swim with the guides.

Million Sardines Run

Million Sardines run is the most famous activities of the this island hopping, imagine that, you are going swim with the million sardines? That’s correct, chase and swim with these tiny fishes. You’ll be amazed as you swim with them.

Sea Turtles In Moalboal

Have you seen the in real turtles? In Moalboal you are going to swim with these lovely sea turtles. You can take selfie with these turtles as you try to hold your breath. Taking selfie with these turtles are allowed but you can’t touch or hold the turtles, it is prohibited. If tourism officer caught you, there will be fines.

Dolphin Watching Moalboal

Dolphin watching during the island hopping is not guarantee, dolphins will show up anytime, they are unpredictable. We will be lucky if they show up while we are doing the activities. If ever the dolphins will show up, you will see them playing and flying in the ocean.

Moalboal island hopping is a must try activities, you should not missed out these activities. You may book our bundled tour packages including the Moalboal island hopping, please check our home page or the category menu.

Thank you.