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Cebu Kawasan falls tour

Kawasan Falls, situated in Badian Town, 3 hours south-west of Cebu City Philippines, is one of the more prominent day visit goals of guests and local people alike.  To arrive, one should go through the towns of Naga, Carcar, Barili, Dumanjug, Ronda, and Moalboal. Streets are fixed with beautiful mountain and seaside sees en route.

What to expect on the Kawasan Falls Tour

1.There will be a 15-25 minute stroll close by Matutinao River while in transit to the waterfalls.

2.Bring sunblock, bathing suits, the additional difference in garments. There are toilets and changing rooms in the zone.

3.Update: All the individuals who wish to swim should wear their life jacket consistently.

4.Should you want to, the local guide can convey you up to the second falls.


1.Experience one of the Philippines‘ most prominent rushes amid crude, immaculate natural beauty.

2.Trek through thick green wilderness and swim in a sea green/blue streams.

3.Move over stones, see entrancing rock arrangements, and bounce off 3-15 meter high bluffs into turquoise pools

4.Appreciate a great Filipino lunch on the shoreline as you wind down from experience.

Kawasan Falls is one of the Philippines most acclaimed cascades, and furthermore a standout amongst the most renowned on the planet. Kawasan Falls is known to be a hot desert spring with enormous bamboo pontoons that can take you around the regular turquoise pool and under the waterfalls. Kawasan Falls is an excellent spot, and I firmly prescribe you to visit it when you are going to the Philippines. A great many people who visit Kawasan Falls don’t realize that different waterfalls exist or don’t try to get up there since it’s a lofty (yet stunning) walk. This likewise implies there are fewer individuals and more space for you and your companions to hang out at, which is extraordinary!

If you visit the w amid waterfall the busiest hours of the day, at that point, it very well may be quite challenging to snap a lovely photograph. There’s dependably no less than one pontoon with individuals out in the water, voyagers always sprinkling around in the water and swim forward and backward in the excellent pool.

If there is a place that you go to the tumbles to take perfect photos, at that point make a point to arrive promptly in the first part of the day or amid the night and utilize a lengthy presentation on your camera. If there’s a spot, you should never miss when visiting Cebu, its Kawasan Falls, and a standout amongst the most well-known waterfalls in the Philippines. On the off chance that you are an energetic client of Instagram like us, you’ll cherish Kawasan Falls to such an extent as it is a standout amongst the most Instagrammable places in Cebu.

You can complete the visit in Kawasan Falls inside 2-4 hours relying upon how much time you need to spend swimming or unwinding there.