Explore Kawasan Falls In Badian, Cebu South

Kawasan Falls

Genuinely, there’s continually something about returning to a spot you realize you’ll adore. Notwithstanding how frequently you visit that spot, you’d, in any case, think that it’s stunning and satisfies you each time you gallivant your feet to its intrinsic excellence. Kawasan Falls is a multi-layered waterfall situated in Barangay Matutinao in the town of Badian, Cebu. It is not exactly an hour from the plunging heaven of Moalboal. Famous for its beautiful turquoise water, Kawasan Falls sits at the foot of Mantalungon Mountain Range, around one kilometer from the public street of Badian and at any rate four hours of trekking from Osmeña Peak in Dalaguete. Its cold and clear waterfalls through layers of waterfalls from Kandayvic Spring before going to Matutinao River and Tañon Strait.  Consistent with its magnificence, this waterfall is exceptionally celebrated that it has been fanning its name outside the Philippines in light of its intrinsic excellence and everything that it needs to proffer. Additionally, It catches the core of numerous guests around the world since it claims a sea green/blue water, rich tropical greenery, frosty virus water and getting to the cascades from the Highway is an undertaking itself.kawasan falls cebu

•The first waterfall of Kawasan Falls, which is the most captured out of the three falls will unquestionably allure you to take a plunge. The main course remains at around 40 meters, which possesses wide getting a bowl that resembles a private pool tucked into the wilderness. You can swim and unwind in this beautiful waterfall. Additionally, you can climb around the zone and take pleasant pictures. Taking a plunge, and drawing near to the waterfall, will expect you to put on an actual existence vest regardless of whether you realize how to swim. What’s more, concerning the Life vests, simply don’t get vexed about it since there is accessible life vest for lease the minute you touched base in Kawasan Falls.kawasan falls cebu

•The second waterfall additionally possesses profound getting bowl that stands of roughly 20 meters and can become to inside ten minutes of trekking from the first course. In any case, after landing at the second level, you’ll additionally observe little falls that you’d not miss making them be captured with the scenery of turquoise waters and an excellent waterfall.

•Setting off to the third falls may expect you to focus on the trail since it gets tricky now and again. The third falls aren’t as tall as the first and second cascades. However, it is regardless of a decent spot to take a plunge and make the most of its natural magnificence. Additionally, the third dimension is likewise the least swarmed among the three cascades, which makes it perfectkawasan falls cebu for individuals who need to keep away from the groups at the initial two waterfalls.


  • If conceivable, visit the Kawasan Falls on a weekday since the spot tends to be very jam-packed each end of the week and amid occasions.
  • There are food stalls along the way.

If you want to go there in Kawasan Falls and include Kawasan falls in the package together with the Oslob whale sharks, Moalboal island hopping and other activities in Cebu south, you may contact this website.