The Binalayan Falls in Samboan Cebu South

Binalayan Falls
Binalayan falls Samboan Cebu

The town of Samboan is becoming well known among travelers with its magical and charming accumulations of waterfalls that tricked local people and outsiders alike. The district of Samboan has its very own perfect concealed miracle called Binalayan Falls in Barangay Bonbon. With a setup soil trail and a consistent convergence of guests, Binalayan Falls, famously known as Hidden Falls and the third of Samboan’s  set of three, isn’t generally covered up any longer. At the same time has a mysterious atmosphere that keeps on enchanting its visitors. The trail takes around little ways through and through, however, gives a delightful coconut palm-lined way and tranquil landscape. The more significant part of the method is an unfaltering soil trail, which we crossed in flip-flops. Huge palm trees spread the land. Binalayan Falls has two drops. Along the way towards the entrance to the principle falls, you’ll go by a reasonable puddle with a rope swing. Observe this spot as it is Instagrammable given the right lighting conditions. The access to Binalayan Falls is only a 5-minute ride far from Aguinid Falls. You can’t miss it since there is a sign ideal adjacent to the parkway.

How to get there

•Go toward the South Cebu Terminal and jump on a transport destined for Samboan. (₱170/way)

•Once in Samboan, Poblacion, ride a habal-habal going to Binalayan Falls. (₱15)

•There are three little falls intersections, so water shoes or flip-flops are prescribed for this trail.

•After around 15 minutes into the trek, you will achieve a small clearing. Here there is a level of water where there are a few seats and a tire swing. It’s a decent spot to unwind before heading into the waterfalls.

•A little staircase paves the way to the cascade which local people have nicknamed, ‘Adidas Waterfall’. This is because three particular progressions of water strike down like the famous three Adidas stripes. You can swim in this waterfalls or the little cascade on the dimension beneath. In any case, it is the caverns and bluff bouncing that is the fundamental movement.

It is conceivable to ascend into the caverns inside the waterfalls and after that bounce down. Be cautioned this water is 8ft profound at the most extreme. There is additionally a spot to bounce on the left half of the waterfalls from a comparable stature to the caverns. From that tallness, you will most likely touch the ground however ought to be alright. Local people who are total legends at bluff bouncing, send hops from significantly higher. That ought not to urge you to do as such as you are probably going to break a leg or both. Hop from the lower levels or appreciate the pool!Binalayan falls Samboan Cebu

Things to consider

•Appreciate Nature at your very own risk.

•Bring the following:

Water ( At least 1 liter)

Sun insurance ( like shades, umbrella or cap)

Additional garments

Water shoes or trekking shoes


Extra cash (for crises)

•Abstain from climbing cascades without wellbeing contemplations. Be Guided.

•In conclusion, BEHAVE appropriately. We should RESPECT “others living there.”